POSITIONED TO BEA leader in the development & production of psychedelic-based products


Our Expertise


Clinical StrategyR&D

Completion for formulation prototype and samples for clinical testing focusing on GMP quality drugs tested by qualified clinical researchers
Market Products

IP StrategyMarket Products

Protect go-to-market products, with a focus on developing fast-acting drug delivery and modified release systems with proprietary formulations.
Shareholder Value

CreateShareholder Value

Invest in core capabilities and intellectual property to create a sustainable differentiated competitive position and focusing on international sales growth.

Leverage & EstablishRelationships

Relationships with healthcare practitioners, researchers and academic institutions will allow us to help support the international medical community.













ABOUT USInitiative, Innovation & Integrity

Xpira will have a meaningful impact on the lives of patients suffering from serious illnesses by applying high quality proprietary therapeutic products

Xpira Pharmaceuticals Inc. (“Xpira”) was formed by leaders in the Canadian and Dutch pharmaceutical formulation development, clinical, regulatory, market access, product commercialization, and IP space. The company’s goal is to leverage its combined expertise and network to build a leading life sciences company focused on novel psychedelic-based formulation development and mushroom-based natural health products (“NHPs”).  

RECOGNIZING CONSUMER CHOICETreatment and preventative therapy through innovative drug discovery and delivery.

Improving Outcomes

We have undertaken the development of controlled release dosage forms capable of improving therapeutic outcomes. 

Protect our Innovations

 Xpira will seek to protect its innovations and products through a multi-layered intellectual property strategy.

Balanced Value

Xpira will be sensitive to capital market movements and will act to create balanced value over the short, medium, and long term.

First Line Therapy

We will seek first line therapy status to compete with other prescription medications  without the need for long term use.

Nearly 20 years of knowledge of the regulatory landscape

Recognizing Consumers

Recognizing that consumers want choice and have moved away from traditional pharmaceuticals for mental health treatments, Xpira’s focus is improve access for the “intentional use” market for treatment and preventative therapy through innovative drug discovery and delivery.

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